Why use a recruiter at all? Can’t I do better negotiating a change on my own?

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Few , if any , recruiters work the way we do. Choosing the right one can make all the difference in your execution. The art of successful recruiting is a collaboration of experience, insight and negotiation skill. Oftentimes , financial professionals believe that their connections will afford them a great transitional experience , and yet they are often disappointed when the execution falls short. Knowing where your practice best fits, where your skill sets are best complimented, and where clients belong is best addressed with a global perspective of your choices. In addition, the art of the economic transitions ( aka “the deals) requires skill and competitive insight. At CLM Ventura & Associates , we are acutely focused at all times on delivering outstanding consultation in the form of relative comparison and negotiation. In today’s complex financial services world, Identifying prospective firms that fit your vision, coordinating meetings, communicating your needs, and ultimately, negotiating with prospective firms while you are busy with your practice is best left to experts like Christopher Miller and his team.

Most importantly, any fee earned by CLM Ventura in this process is never charged to you and yet the difference in your outcome can often be multiples of the fee firms pay Miller for his placement of you.

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